The beauty of our world

The world that surrounds us, is amazing, full of bright colors. The forests and mountains, towns and roads, emerald waters of tropical seas, white sparkling sand deserted beaches … All this is our world. Which we can see, feel, explore.

Somewhere in the distant islands of Oceania are no big buildings, and people are looking for coolness in the shade of spreading trees with soft wood. Raznotsvete fish among the same colorful coral reefs — the same common sight for both of us in the winter — snow. Sapphire sea, green palm trees — the main wealth of the people in those places. Dress up they are usually very bright fabrics: striped, decorated with flowers, with images of fish. Local paint their faces with special patterns, wear bright bracelets. I think that it emphasizes that man is also an important part of nature, like a jewel. That he is also handsome, like all natural, and full of joy.


The beauty of our world

Our planet earth is amazing and unique. The beauty of our world just fascinates, it is impossible not to admire her. Bright blue sky above his head, and wants vsparit up, climb high above the earth, to enjoy the beauty of our world!

And how beautiful the sky at night, when you can observe countless lights, lit some magician.

Perhaps somewhere among these stars have planets similar to our own, such as a surprisingly beautiful.



Four elements are found on our planet: earth, water, air, fire. They can not command, they can not teach, subordinate, can only be friends with them. As people did not try to resist the elements, it does not work. People are very much mistaken, thinking that they will be able to command nature.



Romantic travelers of different ages have tried to reveal all the secrets of our world, but much is still unknown and secret. Many of them went on a journey to once again visit those picturesque corners of our land, which left a lasting impression in their mind. High mountains, endless steppes, hot deserts, unexplored oceans can not help but be attracted to the person himself. People need to live in harmony with the environment and not attempt to subjugate it.











Some people wear skirt the edges of the leaves of native plants and garlands of fragrant flowers around his neck. And in another country also has the sea, but on the coast all go in jackets and boots, and pants — men and often women. There is a winter, cold wind blew coastal dunes. It is Poland.

And it is really on the other side of the world, back in the harsh edge of the forest thickets interspersed with grassy valleys. The endless sea of sage, deer running on them. In winter the temperature is able to fall to minus forty degrees Celsius. It is a land of Indians lived in teepees, deer, coyotes, brown bears, hares, lynx, owls, eagles and rattlesnakes. Once it roamed countless herds of wild bison furious. This is the land of Canada.

At this time in the other hemisphere liner tourists approaching the city, stored grandeur of the era of colonial rule. Forts and fortresses, harbors and ships, landscaped courtyards, balconies with vibrant colors and wrought-iron grilles, sultry beauties in colorful dresses — this is Puerto Rico. It looked Croesus, here sought for gold adventurers. Now come here wishing to see a particle of the beauty of our world.

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