Stylish combination of blue

A stylish combination of blue

Blue is classified as the most noble shades. At the same time it is flexible enough — thanks to the huge number of colors you can use it to create a business, romantic, and casual or a club — to put it simply, it is any image.
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In this article, we will tell you about the options combination of blue clothing, the most winning color companion for him, and that means the blue color of the clothes from the point of view of psychology.
The combination of colors in clothing: blue
Blue — the color of the current decade. fashion world experts call it the «second black», hinting that its total versatility and popularity. Combine items in blue, you can almost any other clothes. This is possible thanks to the huge number of his shades.
The traditional companion to blue is considered to be white. The combination of white and blue fits perfectly to any style and image — from the strict business to romantic or naughty sea.

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