Style Chanel clothing

Style Chanel clothing

Guidelines for creating an image of Coco Chanel

Damsels Chanel was a style icon for its time, and it remains to this day, despite the generational change. Great fashion designers and a woman bequeathed to his followers a few rules, based on which you will be able to create an interesting image that will cause envy of other ladies and wealthy men who appreciate women of intelligence and beauty.

  • The image must not have spare parts.
  • When wearing clothes should first appreciate the convenience and comfort.
  • Clothing should «sit» in the figure perfectly.
  • When leaving the house should look in the mirror and remove one of the accessories
  • Beauty will look more natural if the outfit will contain features easy crudity. chanel3










  • And here are a few rules in respect of the elements of your wardrobe:
  • Do not disdain to wear pants. They make it possible to free the woman. Coco was the first to wear pants. In the daytime, she adored cropped trousers in tandem with expensive sweaters that have a classic cut. For the evening, she preferred slacks, which later gained fame thanks to Marlene Dietrich.
  • The skirt should cover the knees. Besides the fact that Coco felt female knees a little ugly, it was right in the choice of length, because the mini-length is not everything, but Maxi is an association with a nun. Coco offered girls the straight and narrow skirts with decorative folds in the slots and small ruffles-year.
  • Accessories and jewelry should be plenty. Coco could not see not hung with jewels mixed with jewelry. Hats, berets, brooches, pearl strands, shiny cufflinks cuffs, beads of emerald — all these could contemplate on such a magnificent woman.
  • The suit must have a male and female. The bow may be present female skirt straight cut and a fishing sweater, tweed coat and an elegant hat.
  • Shoes can be two-color. Shoes with a contrasting toe cap visually reduces the size of the foot and makes the leg more attractive — so says Coco.
  • Handbag should have a strap to leave the hands free. Elegant black handbag with a thin chain deservedly won the right to be called one of the classic models of handbags.
  • Wear a little black dress. According to Chanel, this dress is perfect for day and evening.
  • Jacket should be made of soft tissue, as well as the jacket. Chanel offers women jackets from a gentle and pleasant to the touch of silk.
  • Perfume for women — the same clothes, so do not forget to use them, otherwise you will not have a future.