Style and fashion in clothes of red and black

Style and fashion in clothes of red and black

When choosing clothes, people often pay attention to the combination of product colors. It is worth noting that the dressing, you need to pick up no more than three colors (a classic of the genre). But in the modern fashion styles meet, allowing a greater amount of clothing color.
Among the combinations of colors there are enough successful. For example, red and black. This combination has always been trendy and probably will never become obsolete. Red paired with black choose women who are keen to show their individuality and independence.




















The combination of red and black: passion and confidence

The combination of these colors are very accurate. Sensual, energetic red underlines and complements the elegant and discreet black. The combination of colors allows you to create a bright unusual images, for example, the Gothic or passionate. Women in red-black clothes look more confident and unconquered.
What is the combination of red and black in the style of clothing? For example, it may be the classic black trousers or pants style Madeleine and bright red satin blouse. In this closet, you can safely go to the office, and your colleagues will know that you are a strong, strong-willed woman. This red pants and black blazer — is no longer a formal combination — perfect for an informal meeting or a party. The red-black combination may be in a single product, such as a dress. Black and red, and vice versa — makes the difference and distinguish you from other visitors.
If you are afraid that your image is too similar to the image of the femme fatale, add a combination of black and red is still some color. For example, the white parts will emphasize your self-confidence, but the gray specks in black and red combination suitable for a business dinner or working days.