Strawberry tiramisu

Strawberry tiramisu

Strawberry tiramisu
In this dessert, I joined what he loves my sonny — his favorite tiramisu and strawberry. Well, the truth, «tiramisu» it can be called a stretch, since no eggs, no coffee impregnation I did not use, so it is wise to call it a tiramisu dessert in style.


cheese «mascarpone — 250g
Cream 35% — 200ml
Strawberry — 400g
sugar — 150g
biscuits Savoiardi ( «ladies’ fingers») — 20 pcs.


Beat 100g mascarpone with the sugar, add the whipped up thick viscous state of the cream and whisk again.
100g strawberries crushed blender with 50 grams of sugar. The rectangular shape biskitnogo put a layer of pastry and pour a half pureed with sugar klubniki.





Poverh distribute half of the cream cheese mass. Put the second layer of biscuits and pour the rest of pureed strawberries, put it on top of the rest of the curd, smooth surface of the scapula. The remaining strawberries cut lengthwise into 3-4 plates and put them face dessert. Put in the fridge for impregnation and solidification of a few hours.

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