Do yourself a cat

Sew seal themselves

I propose to make here such myagonkogo seal, which can sit on a palm. In general, everything is quite simple, because the principle of tailoring of such toys is always the same. Such a seal may be a gift (seals are always relevant in view of the fact that nice!), The decoration on the Christmas tree or just a little pleasantness on the desktop.
What do we need?

— Tkanyushka (fluffy cotton or fleece)
— Thread in tone
— Thread-floss for faces
— needles
— Dressmaker pins
— scissors
— Pencil, pen or crayon
— Pattern (I suggest two options)
— Material for packing
— Stuffing tool (brush, pencil, stick from the land)



Before starting the process to print and cut out the pattern to the desired size. I think we can make the giant cat, the family cats from father, mother, son and daughter paws, maybe the baby-cat the size of a tangerine.

1) smoothes the fabric for the future of seals.


2) is applied to the wrong side of the pattern and draw out.



3) Fold the fabric in half and pinned around the circuit dressmaker pins to seal «did not run away.»

131226190021 (1)

4) Cut. Note that when suturing we will have to leave a hole for the eversion and packing seal.

131226190021 (2)
5) Cshivaem halves using a seam «back needle» or typewriter.


6) After going around the loop (do not forget about the hole), cut out seal, departing from 4-5 mm loop.

7) In order to avoid irregularities during reversing, make incisions around the perimeter, with particular attention to the lugs, and rounded corners. The «cooler» roundness, the more incisions (3-4 mm).

8) to turn out seal. I use a long brush wand can be used for sushi. Ears, paws and tail «smooths» and straighten the tip of a sharp inside, giving Kitty a neat appearance. After eversion seal is desirable to iron.



9) smoothes fingers left a hole, then it was easier to sew.

10) Kitty is ready for stuffing! I stuffed sintepuh in balls (aka hollofayber). First of all fills the ears, feet and tail, because fill them harder. Rammed the filler rod. Gradually fill and seal body.


11) embroider nose. First we envisage its fine. Needle and floss the right color thread to enter the left hole and print in the place where the nose outlined.

131226192110 (1)


12) We outline the nose thread (embroider the letter «v»).


13) then «fill» the space stitches. Lace hide under the spout stitches, needle derive from the opposite side of the seal, the thread is «recessed» in the body and cut off.
14) It is planned to fine eyes, cheeks (and maybe antennae), insert the needle «from the inside» through the hole as in the case with a spout. Embroider seam muzzle «back needle», moving from one element to another. Lace hide there — under the spout.


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