Salad tulip

Salad tulip

Salad tulip

Products listed in the recipe
200 grams of cheese
7 pieces cherry tomatoes
3 eggs
1 bunch green onions
1 bunch of lettuce leaves
250 grams of shrimp
4 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 cloves garlic
salt and pepper to taste
1 cucumber


Step 1 First, prepare tulip flowers, for that fresh tomatoes, wash and dry them. Then, on one side of tomatoes make cross-incision until the middle of vegetables. Using a teaspoon, remove the core from tomatoes. Fold the «flowers» in the plate and scald kipyatkom.Salat tulip

Step 2
Prepare shrimp. To do this, fill them with water and cook for no more than 8-10 minutes. Prepared shrimp and refrigerate tulip cut popolam.Salat

Step 3 Boiled eggs and cheese cut into small cubes. Fresh cucumbers, peel and chop. Garlic finely chop. Add the prawns and carefully mix all ingredients, season with mayonnaise, salt and pepper to vkusu.Salat tulip

Step 4 tomatoes, tulips neatly put salad. Then place them on a platter and garnish with greens. As a tulip stem can use green onions. The dish is ready! Salad tulip

The recipe is very simple, so raduyte his family as often as possible to home cooking. We will offer you instructions on how to prepare a salad, «Tulip» (recipe with photo) on their own. Remember, home-cooked meals that you prepare with your hands, always tasty and healthy. Bon appetit and spring mood!

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