Rumak marinated chicken liver

Rumak marinated chicken liver for 20 minutes

Rumak marinated chicken liver6



Chicken liver — 300 g
Bacon (cut into strips) — 150 g
Soy sauce — Article 1.5. l.
Vinegar (rice) — 1 tbsp. l.
Ginger (to taste)
Brown sugar (pinch)
Sake (brandy can be.) — 1 tsp.
Mirin — 1 tsp..
Salt (a pinch of sea)


1. Liver wash, dry, clean from the film, cut the place where was the gall bag.
2. Cut into two parts.
3. Mix the soy sauce with rice vinegar, sake or add brandy, mirin, a pinch of sugar and salt. Peel a piece of ginger, grate or chop.
4. Add the marinade, mix gently. Liver aside to marinate for 5-7 minutes.
5. After the specified time to get the liver out of the marinade, wet paper towel. Wrap each piece of liver in a strip of bacon.
6. Fry Rumak on Teflon frying pan on both sides until golden brown the bacon and cook until ready

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