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Presentation of dishes

We are used to thinking that the presentation of dishes is a high academic science in which rules and traditions mean very, very much. To break them in the process of absorbing perfectly decomposed food means to commit a crime against taste, to go against the principles of haute cuisine.
But imagine for a second that you can forget about the rules and serve food so that its appearance will not cause confusion from ideality, but an incredible and irresistible desire to eat it. We decided to show the presentation of some dishes that will help to make them as beautiful as food can be attractive at all.








The art of serving and decorating dishes refers primarily to the taste and imagination of a particular person, however, for your creation to become a real work of art, it must comply with certain rules.

That is why in this area, as in all others, expert advice is always a certain guarantee of success. The ability to make a dish beautiful is one of the components of cooking. For this, jewelry made from a wide variety of products (vegetables, herbs, fruits, etc.) is used. These decorations can themselves be independent dishes: in the first case it will be snacks, salads or fruit for dessert, in the second — just decorations that are placed on plates or on a table (lunch or with cold snacks).

















Before you start the direct manufacture of your chosen jewelry, make sure that you have at hand the necessary tools for this. They are quite simple and successfully complement the standard set of kitchen utensils.

The most complete set includes sharp knives, scissors, the so-called Parisian potato spoons (round, with sharp cutting edges), an egg slicer, a knife for removing zest from citrus fruits, special tools for notching, for removing the core of an apple, several metal cookie cutters and nozzles for a pastry bag or syringe, as well as a brush. Let this long list not bother you — most often we are talking about tools that can be easily purchased at any specialized store.