Pictures from sea stones and drawings on stones.

Pictures from sea stones and drawings on stones.

This wonderful idea of handicrafts from natural materials has long been loved by many — crafts made from sea stones brought from the holidays. A favorite occupation at sea, especially for children, is to collect sea pebbles. Beautiful stones and seashells that are brought in more or less from home from the sea can be designed in such an original way — make your own handicraft of stones, a picture and place in the interior.





























You can just make drawings on the stones, with what — you can do it right on the seashore, a very creative lesson for children and parents on the beach. Going on vacation just grab a regular set of artistic acrylic paints.
The stone itself will lead you to the idea of what it is better to do from it — imagination plays here. Beautiful tulips are easy to draw with just a few colors of paint.

You can glue the stones to the board with a glue gun. And to mold small parts, for example stems, polymeric clay will do.