Paper garlands

Paper garlands

How to make a garland of paper?

Garlands used to decorate the house, they help create a festive mood, festive atmosphere. Therefore, preparing the house for some celebration (eg, the new year, on March 8, February 23, the birthday and other holidays) do not take the time to create colorful garlands of paper. Yes, and it makes them very easy. You’re in this for yourself. Even a child with such a task is able to handle. And then by a garland of paper you can hang up and place anywhere: on a window on the cabinets, ceilings, or on the Christmas tree when approaching a holiday — it’s the New Year.

Garland-accordion — another version of New Year’s decorations. Contrary to quickly and easily build it helps to make a real New Year interior. That’s what we are seeking. From colored paper cut rectangles the same size and fold like an accordion. The width of the strips two centimeters. After that, an accordion fold in half and glue the inner ends. That will have a nice fan. Having made a certain number of pieces, glue them together. The individual elements should be placed upside down with respect to each other. Hopefully, manufacturing techniques, which I shared, understood and will help save money on buying jewelry factory.
Paper garlands








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