Outfits with black jeans.

What to wear with black jeans — 20+ Black Jeans Outfit Ideas

How beautiful black jeans look on a woman! It does not matter, they are flared or skinny — such clothes always look elegant and fashionable. The love for such outfits even spawned a separate style of dress.

But today you will learn more about how to combine black women’s jeans, depending on the style in which you dress.
If you do not have a strict dress code at work, then you can try to wear jeans and there. The main thing — to remember a few important rules.

The office is not the place to dress with rhinestones and other «shiny», if only you do not belong to the employees of any art-house company. Usually it looks inappropriate. Even if you are not particularly limited in the choice of clothes, do not dress too vainly.
For meetings and important business meetings, it is better to wear regular straight trousers or a skirt.
Black women’s jeans go well with a jacket or a shirt of light colors.
Adhere to the classic rule of «black top — white bottom.» You can wear a white jacket, white blouse and focus on the visible necklaces of elegant pendant on the neck.
In winter, you can wear a cardigan of any tone — even pastel, though blue. With a straight black bottom, this option looks gorgeous.
You can safely combine black with black
The classic version, popular with office workers — a simple dark jumper and a blue shirt.You can wear a blue shirt without a jumper
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Casual style
For everyday life perfectly fit jeans with cuts in the lap! They always look good with a variety of shirts, ranging from simple monophonic and finishing in the box. Black jeans with a red checked shirt are especially combined. You can add a bit of “informal touch” to your look and put on a plain T-shirt or T-shirt (for example, black), and a plaid shirt or cardigan or informal scarf on it.

If you have extra pounds or a small tummy is visible, it is better to wear not tight-fitting shirts, but a little loose. They should not be tucked into jeans, especially if they are straight.

An excellent accessory will be a small backpack — bright or muted tones, such as black. It goes well with a white cardigan or blouse and skinny jeans with slits in the knees. The same goes for the bag.

By the way, the narrowed model is absolutely universal. It fits absolutely all styles! In everyday life, skinny black jeans for women can be worn with shirts, cardigans, and T-shirts.

Outerwear looks good on the size more along with the skinny (for example, a little big t-shirt and tight pants). The direct model does not look so good in this version.