One black Dress in a Capsule Wardrobe: Fourteen Ways to Wear It

One black Dress in a Capsule Wardrobe

Black dress — classic, always fashionable clothes. What is the combination of a black dress, what color is best for you? Choose You!


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A laconic black dress can safely be inscribed in a casual wardrobe. It can be supplemented with a bright stole, high boots, a leather jacket. In this form, the girl will look great on walks, in cafes, at the university.  Everyday dress with a black dress in the cold season can be supplemented with dense colored tights, which will become the main accent of the kit, which can be insulated with a long cardigan or fur vest.

Today, the images are relevant, in which the dress is combined with bright shoes. These can be high-heeled boats of yellow, red, ultramarine colors, the same shades should appear in the ornaments.

Choosing a black dress for the evening, you need to pay attention to his style. The dress with an asymmetrical neckline is so expressive that it is enough to pick up elegant shoes and a handbag — the image is completed.

A classic combination is a pair of dresses and slippers on a hairpin, it was in this version offered to wear the famous little dress Coco Chanel. However, modern fashion beats the classics and offers new, fresh approaches to the black dress. Trend combination is a combination of a short dress with high boots, preferably reddish shade or non-traditional colors: red, dark green, blue, in this outfit you can go on a date, a walk, and a job.