Macaroon blueberry

Macaroon blueberry

Macaroon blueberry

Cakes small size with an unusual name, like pasta, it turns out, not so simple! The first time I tried this unusual cakes in a coffee shop. Their view of me genuinely laugh, but the heart was subdued after the first bite. Since then I prepare yourself macaroon: it is cheaper, but the taste is not inferior to bake the best coffee!

Powdered sugar — 83 grams
Almonds — 83 Grams (shredded petals)
Egg protein — 60 grams
Brown sugar — 75 grams
Salt — 1 pinch
Food colors — 2 pinches
Blueberries — 150 Grams
Butter — 75 grams
Starch of maize — 1.5 teaspoons

Servings: 8
How to cook the «Blueberry macaroon»

We separate the whites from the yolks, put them in a bowl for whipping. Add a little salt. Beat with a mixer until foamy. Add the food coloring on the tip of a knife (any color). I chose red. Then divide the protein into two portions, the second pinch Pour blue dye. Add to the mixture of the two lobes ground almonds and icing sugar. Mixing arms.
Mixtures decompose for two pastry bags. Bags neatly tying the dough is not leaked.
In the laid parchment baking squeezing future macaroon, we send them in the oven (140 degrees) for 15 minutes.



Berry rubbed through a sieve, add to it a little starch and add the melted butter. Stuffing stir and spread half the cake (the same color).
Cover with remaining halves stuffed halves of a different color. Remove cakes in the refrigerator overnight. On the morning of our Blueberry macaroon will be ready. Bon Appetit!

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