How to Make Scrunchies

How to Make Scrunchies, diy.

Scrunchy- an ordinary and everyday thing. But even such a trifle can become a bright accent in your image, add charm, sophistication, unusualness and originality to it. Of course, they can be picked up at the store or ordered on the Internet, or you can sew and decorate the rubber bands with your own hands. Such a product will be unique and inimitable.
There are many different rubber Scrunchy. They can be satin, textile, lace and even plastic. Depending on the style and purpose, they can be supplemented with feathers, beads, rhinestones and other interesting details. But first you need to learn how to make the basis for gum.


A set of beautiful and bright rubber bands for hair can serve as a wonderful gift or a pleasant bonus to a great gift to your good friend, sister, niece, daughter. A small child will be delighted with a bright product, and adults will appreciate your creativity and attentiveness.