White Kaya

Use white eyeliner — known trick used by all the makeup artists. It gives brightness and look as if «opens» his visually removing redness. Spend the white line on the inside of the lower eyelid, and the redness becomes less noticeable.

The blue ink or pencil

Instead of the usual black color, try experimenting with blue. They will strengthen the white protein and a little hide redness. This method is good when the eyes look a little tired, for example, a working day field, but after the rave week.

Beautiful eyebrows

To make the look bright work is necessary not only to the eyes themselves, but also to the area around them, including eyebrows. Lay them with a special gel that gives a beautiful shape, touch up gaps and the trick is done — you are the owner of the compelling sight.



The first rule of beautiful eyes — lack of bruising and redness beneath them. To have a good disguise bruises from lack of sleep, use concealer with a yellow tone and better if it is with light reflecting particles that will give your skin a healthy glow, and at the same time fresh eyes.

Size matters

If the eyes are small, not tracing them along the contour, both in Indian films — it visually narrows them (in particular, this applies to black or brown eyeliner). To visually enlarge small eyes, a pencil from the center to the outer part of the eye and blend well.






Take a small brush and crisp shadows with soft sheen. Choose a shade close to natural skin tone and simply emphasize their inner eye area. This focus, as a white eyeliner to visually expand the eyes and make them brighter.

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