How to choose a wedding cake?

How to choose a wedding cake?

Wedding cake is always the culmination of a holiday. To make the right choice, you need to consider several important aspects: the overall style of the wedding, personal preference, the time of year and your financial capabilities. About ordering a wedding dessert should be taken care of in advance, as good confectioners always have many orders and are loaded with work for several weeks in advance. If the newlyweds want a cake to have an additional decoration — it is also worth looking for in advance.



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How to choose a wedding cake?

How to choose a wedding cake?

Recommendations for choosing a wedding cake

To find a suitable wedding cake, it is worth to visit local confectioners, get acquainted with the assortment of online stores. If the bride and groom have already decided what kind of dessert they would like to see at their wedding, ask the recommendations of professionals, get acquainted with their suggestions. After that, select the confectioner that suits you, and calculate the budget taking into account all the stages of preparing the main wedding treat.


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Decor and shape of the wedding cake

Wedding cake should delight and surprise. Not for nothing its submission is one of the brightest moments of the holiday. To ensure that guests do not remain disappointed, it is worth taking care of a decent decoration of the dessert. Modern confectioners represent a huge selection of different decorative elements: figurines, natural or artificial flowers, mastic, edible beads and ribbons.

At the choice of the newlyweds, the cake can be decorated with any glaze and cream roses. The decor of the top can be served even by live flowers or a classic variant — the figures of the bride and groom. And these figures can have different forms: to be executed with humor or in a romantic style, have a traditional look or look like your favorite cartoon heroes newlyweds. If the bride and groom do not want to use the usual decorations, the top of the dessert can be decorated with two wedding rings, hearts or swans.

Many couples prefer to make jewelry themselves, using plain white or colored paper. Learn to create figurines with the help of origami technique and the original decor wedding dessert will be provided. However, the most popular at the moment is the decoration of the cake with sugar mastic. Plasticity of the material allows you to create any shape, without limiting the scope for creativity. With the help of mastic, dessert can be painted in tone to the main colors of the celebration and decorated with elements appropriate to the wedding theme.




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What size should a wedding cake be?

Before ordering a wedding dessert, the newlyweds must know the exact number of guests, since the necessary weight can only be calculated using this indicator. Most confectioners are advised to lay about 150 grams of cake for each guest, but there are aspects that should also be taken into account. If the cream or cakes are light and airy, then this rate is enough, but when the dessert is impregnated with liqueur, and from above is generously poured with chocolate glaze and mastic, then for each guest it is necessary to allocate up to 250 grams.

For example, young women order an easy wedding dessert for 50 guests, then the weight is calculated as follows: 0.15×50 = 7.5 kg. Do not worry that this dessert is not enough, because there are always people who do not like sweets or simply refuse their portion. However, it is better to calculate the amount of cake so that each guest gets a piece and left a few extra (in case of presence at the festival sweet tooth).


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How to choose a wedding cake? 50


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How to choose a cake depending on the season? How to choose a wedding cake?

Depending on the season, the weight and filling of the wedding dessert may differ. So, for a summer wedding it is better to choose a stuffing from fresh fruits: strawberries, peaches, raspberries. Yoghurt dessert will also be an excellent solution for a summer celebration. For the autumn cake decorations from real flowers will be appropriate, at this time of year the guests will have to taste the vanilla or cream filling. Winter dessert is notable for its abundance of chocolate. It is desirable to use white — this will give the baking a solemn appearance. In spring, a strawberry wedding cake with butter or protein cream will be appropriate.