How to choose a bag?

How to choose a bag?
Choosing a stylish handbag — a very tricky business, is the most important element of style and his choice should be approached very delicately and carefully.

Now on the shelves of trendy shops have handbags for every taste, different colors and different materials, it is possible to give preference to a miniature purse or large, but it is correct to choose, to fit to the overall image of women? This will be discussed in this article.
How to choose a bag (like)?

First, you need to estimate the approximate look of the bag. Now there are a few basic types of:

Business — characterized by a dark color and very high quality material, no large pieces or too bright. Such models can be both medium and large size, because it is very important of their capacity.

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How to choose a bag2


Evening — a combination of bright colors and shiny jewelry. They are an important element of style and are small to medium in size.
Road — large or medium size and fairly durable material, for example — plastic, leather or denim. When you select should be based on the objectives pursued, you will be transported, and what you need capacity. At the same time it should be a bag rather than a suitcase on wheels. Road luggage can be a backpack, trunk, suitcase, sports bag or case. Here you need to pay attention to the number of pockets and capacity. If you put safety first, prefer plastic case. Pierce with a knife they are difficult, but it is a huge plus. Also pay attention to the quality of catches and lightning, it will not be very nice, if a trip lightning break, and things will not fall out.






Youth — original design with interesting patterns and colors of the brightest and causing flowers. The bag can be a backpack or even Baule, there are different forms, such as Form shark or a sports car. If you search well, you can find a model with a discreet and unpretentious design, whose colors are not so much stands out from the rest of the bags.













Beach — a combination of light and pleasant materials with vivid and bright colors. Convenient storage for beach accessories. Bag size — big enough to fit everything you need.