How to apply lipstick dark: Master Class

1. Apply a lip exfoliator any (soft, circular motion).

Note: dark lipstick is very capricious, so in order not to hack to death at the root of the perfect make-up, make sure that the skin on the lips is flat and smooth.

2. Using a special flat brush, apply concealer on the lips — it will help mask the natural color of the lips, that he should not come into conflict with a touch of lipstick.

Note: You can lightly powder the lips, if desired, to lay makeup better and lasted longer.


How to apply lipstick dark: Master Class


krasnaya-pomada3. Close the lips and trace their outline with a pencil. First Draw a checkmark on the upper lip, then in small strokes move towards the edge of. Repeat this procedure on the lower lip.

To achieve the highest level and clear lines, try to keep the pencil perpendicular.

Note should be pencil or matching lipstick or slightly darker (no more than one tone). And besides — perfectly sharpened.

4. After describing the circuit, start sketching corners of her mouth — this will allow the lipstick to hold much longer.

5. A small synthetic brush to apply lipstick, it is very important to comply with the limits and in the heat did not go for them.

6. On top of the lipstick gently apply a shine (it is important that it was the same shade of lipstick) — it will strengthen even more the color of the lips. In addition, the light shine texture give lips soft and their color — deliberate uneven.

Красная помада

7. The final touch — using a flat brush and a bit of a corrector, walk on the skin around the lips (the most closely to the outside). This will make the contour of the lips even more expressive, sharp and contrast.

corrects line lipstick wine using corrector

Now that you know all about the dark wine lipstick and subtleties of its application. It remains the case for small — to get the hand, to get used to a new way and start to walk the way into light.

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