Giant rose from corrugated paper

How to make the most of the rose with their hands

Want your event features original, then rose from the giant corrugated paper with your own hands — this is what you need! From these colors your guests will love and the triumph will be remembered for a long time, because of the corrugations roses do not fade and does not lose its shape. If you think that this is a very huge Rose, I recommend an article to see a step by step wizard class large roses made with their own hands.

Especially the huge rose made with their own hands, will play a role in the photo session, making it bright and not trivial.

How to make a giant rose with his hands, I will describe below. For this we need:

glue (you can use a special gun)
Pattern of white paper,
a simple pencil,
template for midway flower,
eight patterns in the form of heart,
three patterns as droplets
gofrobumaga green
sided corrugated paper,
a roll of adhesive tape.

How to make the most of the rose with their hands



How to make the most of the rose


















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