Flower wineglass

Flower wineglass with their hands.

It is no secret that the glasses can be decorated with your own hands with the help of paint. It turns out very beautiful and original. Such glasses will not be none.

Painted wine glasses and martini becoming more popular! You can even make them yourself at home. In addition, painted glasses — a unique, inexpensive and creative gift for friends and family members. Perhaps even you will want to have the glasses in the kitchen!
If you want to paint the glasses for yourself or as a gift, be sure you will get great pleasure from creativity to the wedding or theme party — because it is easy, fast and not expensive.

Before you step by step master class in painting glasses with their hands, you need to decide on the future design of your glasses, so we offer you to be inspired and learn the original idea of the «glass» decor in the next chapter.

Painting wine glasses and wine glasses can be different for the drawing technique, the degree of complexity, the use of materials and, of course, on the subject.











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