Fashion in purple and white colors

How to combine the lilac color in clothes with different colors? This you will learn from this
articles. The combination of colors in lilac dress
Light purple color — it’s shades of blue and svetlofioletovogo with the addition of
pink in various proportions. Lilac color can be both bright and very
pale. This is a natural color, the color and the name of which is based on a palette of spring
lilac flowers.
This color represents tenderness, love, sophistication, mystery, gives
a sense of creativity. If you want to create the image of having such
characteristics, then the lilac color is what you need!
Lilac + White
This is a very harmonious and beautiful combination. It is suitable for creating a gentle and romantic image. It looks great in the spring and summer sets

Fashion in purple and white colors1

Fashion in purple and white colors2


Fashion in purple and white colors6









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