Earrings made of silk and beads

Earrings made of silk and beads

Create your unique image of us, girls often help accessories. Hats, bags, scarves, shawls, and of course jewelry — all this allows us to emphasize our individuality. In this article we would like to offer you to make earrings with their own hands.

Almost every woman pays great attention to the details of his image, namely jewelery. The most popular are earrings element. If you want to make a certain percentage of the individual, make earrings with their own hands. They will be a great gift for a friend or a child. Almost nothing to limit your imagination, and can be used for absolutely any material. The most common jewelry made from beads, polymer clay, beads and so on. D.
TAPE A very popular item for homemade ornaments are satin ribbons and organza. How to make earrings out of them with his own hands? If you use kanzashi technique, you can do some ribbons. However, most often they are combined with the beads. The tape can serve as fastening elements or decorative details, such as a bow on top. To the edge of not being dissolved, necessarily pripalite ribbon on fire. If you want to make it a fringe, then pripalite only one edge, and the second material shall shoot.

Earrings made of silk and beads1






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