DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments

DIY Glitter Christmas

DIY Christmas tree toys: a brilliant miracle
Brilliant, flickering Christmas toys with their own hands can be made from almost any material (paper, plastic, plywood, glass, etc.), if you use glitters — decorative glitter of different colors and shades that are sold in shops and materials for needlework.
DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments 1
Materials for production:
glass christmas balls. By the way, we recommend to buy Christmas toys without clear glass decor, as they are cheaper.
CDs (silver). To decorate one toy you will need 1 or 1.25 disc.
hot glue

1. Take scissors and cut the compact discs into small pieces of different shapes and sizes.

2. Place a hot glue point on the glass ball and glue a piece of disc with the shiny side up.

3. Thus, decorate the entire surface of the ball with disk fragments. For convenience, you can put the ball on a small cup and decorate one side of the ball, and then, turning it over, decorate its second side.

4. Place the ribbon inside the Christmas ball. We recommend for this to take a beautiful ribbon of bright color, as it will be clearly visible through the transparent surface of the toy.