Delicate custard pancakes

Delicate custard pancakes


They obtained a very delicate and airy ….


— Milk — 1 cup;
— Boiling water — 1 cup;
— Flour — 2 cups;
— Vegetable oil — 3 tablespoons;
— Sugar — 23 cups;
— Soda — 1 tsp;
— Eggs — 2 pieces.


1. Put the kettle on the fire until the matter comes before the boiling water, it just comes to a boil. In the meantime, in a large bowl pour the milk. Add the eggs.
2. Sugar is added to taste. We love the sweet crepes, so we put a lot of sugar. If you want to cook the pancakes are not sweet, a couple of tablespoons is enough.
3. Sift the flour into the dough and begin to stir.
4. Add the vegetable oil. Stir to avoid lumps. Add the baking soda.
5. Kettle probably already boiled. Pour cup of boiling water into the dough. Soda with react with the boiling water and a little froth.
6. Good mix the dough should have a smooth batter without lumps. Preheat a frying pan for pancakes. Lubricate it with fat and pour a spoon full test, and distribute it quickly on the surface, turning the pan in the air. Fry the pancake on one side until golden edges.
7. Then, using the blade upside down. Fry the other side and remove from skovorody.Bliny ready, call all to the table.

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