Decorating carafe

For decoration carafe you will need:
— toilet paper,
-PVA glue,
-chёrnaya aerosol zmal,
-acrylic paint golden color,
is flat brush for applying the adhesive.

The initial view of the decanter again forgot to take a picture. Apply PVA glue to the surface of the carafe and attach to it the toilet paper.
Tear off a strip of toilet paper.
Wet hands roll the strip between your hands in the flagellum. Make a lot of flagella.
Then Compose of these flagella random drawing, gluing each picture detail on the PVA glue. Top coat with glue drawing, too. When a pattern fill the whole surface of the carafe, leave it to dry completely. Then paint it with black paint from balonchika with pulevizatorom.
When the paint is dry, take a golden color acrylic paint and sponge method primakivaniya ite applied it to the drawing.

Decorating carafe






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