Decorate comb in decoupage technique

Decorate comb in decoupage technique

Wooden comb hair old or new can be an interesting, if beautifully decorate it with decoupage technique. To do this you need to pick up napkins for decoupage, however fit even simple swipe with a bright and liked for you design. Decoupage on wood, as well as decoupage glass requires accuracy in the work. But if you do it right, then decoupage combs will bring you a lot of fun, as well as its result — a beautiful comb, which can be used as a gift.

To make decoupage combs us onadobyatsya such materials:
1. The white and gold acrylic paint,
2. PVA glue, 3 green and blue gouache and brush 4

«Gluing» the tissue image will be water. To prevent wrinkles from moisture on a napkin, water on the brush recruit quite a bit. We put the wet point in the center of the image and smooth movements of the brush as it stretch the cloth in a circle from the center to the edges. In the case of skewed pattern or the appearance of wrinkles, it is possible to lift the edge of the cloth and pull it from the center, smoothing with a brush from the center to the edges.


Decorate comb in decoupage technique












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