Curd «Sunshine»

Curd "Sunshine"

Curd «Sunshine»


curd — 500 g
Sugar — 4 tbsp
Eggs — 2 pcs.
semolina — 6 tablespoons
flour — 2 tbsp
Peach (syrup) — 250 g
corn sticks — 3 packs
vanillin — to taste
processed cheese (Chocolate) — to taste


1. Eggs break into a bowl, add sugar and mix.
2. In the curd add semolina, flour, eggs, sugar and vanilla and mix until uniform.
3. Open a jar of peaches in syrup, drained and cut the peaches into small pieces. Then peaches recline on a sieve to stack all the syrup.
4. From the curd mass formed into a ball, then flatten it into a pancake, put in the middle of a peach.
5. Gather the edges to form a cake ball.
6. Boil balls in boiling water for 5-7 minutes, after they float to the surface.
7. Ready balls to put on a paper towel. Corn Sticks crushed directly in the closed pack until flour (crumple very easily), pour onto a plate and ready to roll balls. Leave on for 5 minutes and re-roll.
8. From chocolate recess to make balls and decorate the dish.
9. delicious both hot and cold.

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