Crispy chicken fingers

Crispy chicken fingers

Crispy chicken fingers.

You will need:

● 2 chicken breasts,
● ½ cups flour,
● 2 eggs,
● 125 grams of bread crumbs,
● 60 ml of vegetable oil,
● salt and pepper

How to cook:

1. To begin, rinse the chicken breasts under cold water, then wipe them dry. Then rasdelyvaya each breast individually wrap to start one and then the second breast in plastic wrap. Meat mallet to repel the breast to a maximum fine cake.






2. Cut beaten off the breast into thin strips of equal width. And leave briefly on the plate, sprinkled a little salt.

3. In a separate bowl vysepte flour, pepper and salt (about ½ teaspoon of salt). The other — a little whisk 2 eggs and pour into a third breadcrumbs.

4. Each individual piece is necessary to start the drag in the flour.

5. Then dip them in the egg.

6. And in the end, «bathe» in the breadcrumbs.

7. Prepare the pan. Pour the oil and begin to heat it over medium heat.

8. Fry each side for 2-3 minutes and remove from heat.

Bon Appetit!

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