Coat without sleeves — autumn fashion 2017

Coat without sleeves

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A coat without sleeves has several styles, and each of them has its own name. The most famous model of a sleeveless coat is called a cap. Also often there are a coat-vest, a cardigan-coat and a coat-jacket.

Coats without sleeves are created just for creating stylish images. The fact that a coat without sleeves will perfectly warm you in bad weather, you should not hope. Of course, there are models for the cold season of dense woolen materials. But still the main function of a sleeveless coat is decorative.

The huge plus of any sleeveless coat is its versatility. The same thing will help you create a lot of images in completely different styles. Cleverly picking up the rest of the wardrobe, you can put on the same coat and in the office, and on a romantic date, and at a party in the club, and on a normal walk.
Coat vest
The waistcoat was originally considered an element of the men’s wardrobe. But the fashion brand Christian Dior a couple of seasons ago transformed the men’s vest into an elongated model of a sleeveless coat for women. Coat-vest is suitable for both casual image and business style.

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A light sleeveless coat is an excellent option for warm weather. It will certainly add a touch to your image. A coat made of lightweight fabrics will fit any clothing. You only need to choose the right color and style.

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Cardigan coat
Cardigans-sleeveless coats are a huge amount for every taste. The most common silhouettes: straight and straight. By the length, color and material there are no restrictions, so you can easily find the ideal cardigan-coat model for you.