Classic American cheeseburger

Classic American cheeseburger


Buns for burgers — 3 pieces.
Ground beef — 150 g
Mustard — 1 tbsp. l.
Onions — 0.5 pc.
Mayonnaise — 1 tbsp. l.
Sunflower refined oil — 2 tbsp. l.
Tomatoes — 1 pc.
Leaves of lettuce — 3 pieces.
Sweet red pepper — 0.5 pc.
Hops suneli — 1 pinch
Salt — 1 pinch
Gouda cheese — 50 g
Egg — 1 pc.


1. Onion cut into small cubes.
2. Putting in a bowl the ground beef, onion, egg, salt and hops-suneli. Thoroughly mix.
3. Put the plastic wrap flat cakes of the same diameter as the bun. Cover with foil and put them in the freezer in order to better preserve the shape patties during frying.
4. Cut a roll lengthwise into 2 parts. Mix the mayonnaise with the mustard.
5. In a frying pan with vegetable oil fry the slices until golden brown buns. Let cool bun.
Grease slices cooked sauce.
6. Tomato cut into round slices. On heated pan with vegetable oil Put the chops from the freezer (they just grabbed). Fry patties 5-7 minutes on one side, turn over, cover with a lid and continue to fry for 5-7 more minutes on the other side.
7. Wash and obsushivayut paper towel lettuce leaves and lay them on the bottom of the buns. On top of salad we place a cutlet. Cover with a slice of cheese. Above we place a slice of tomato and red onion ring. Cover the top of the buns — and cheeseburger ready!

Classic cheeseburger

Bon Appetit!