Christmas angels

Christmas angels

Christmas angels
What you will need:

Packing of eggs (we had a — with rounded sides).
Wooden beads (preferably with a hole, we were without it, but we managed).
Lace, ribbons.
Rope or strong thread.
Buttons small.
Clay (time or PVA).


1. Cut desired parts from the packaging.

2. Cut the Rope 25-30 cm long, folded in half, is threaded into the hole (if it is not, it is necessary to do).

3. Thread the ends of the rope in a button and tying a knot at the ends (the loop, which is at the top for reliability can be worn on the finger, it was not necessary to insert it again).
4. Pulling the loop the entire length.

5. Glue beads (if they are with a hole, then threaded a rope loop in the hole, if not, leave now).

6. Coloring wings glued to lace dresses.

7. From the thread / rope / raffia (hair can be made out of anything) do small Hanks, bandages middle, threaded through the eyelet them, we tied on top, and glue the hair to the head.

8. Make the braid a wreath and straighten hair.
9. Glue the wings. Angels ready to celebrate

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