Case for scissors

Case for scissors

How to sew a simple case for scissors

Case for scissors — simple and useful hack. And it is quite accessible even to novice seamstresses.
For this need dense fabric crafts. I recommend to sew the cover of felt, denim, tapestry. But if you want to pick cotton, satin or other delicate fabrics, then have to do the lining (lining to is to take the cloth tightly, though the thick linen).

Sewing Case for scissors

Attach the pattern to the fabric and cut out two triangles (one regular, isosceles ABC, the other as an isosceles, but AB arc instead of a straight line). Do not forget the seam allowances. To sutures were less cut out cover one piece of folded (for example, a bend can be on the side of the sun).

If the fabric is sprinkled, obsheyte edge braid or ribbon. Make a line on the side of the triangle AC.

Tip: if you want to decorate your bag for scissors embroidery, beads, sequins, otherwise, it should be done before stitching the side cover.












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