Capsule wardrobe style essentials

Capsule wardrobe style essentials & minimalist casual outfit ideas

When compiling a capsule wardrobe, we must certainly be guided by our way of life, because the main task of the capsule is to provide us with the necessary versatility. It is hardly possible to call universal the wardrobe in which clothes prevail, which we will wear on a couple of times a year.


Capsule wardrobe style essentials

Our task is to build a universal capsule wardrobe, that is, to pick up such things that would be comfortable to wear, but also would be well combined. Therefore, we need a sufficient number of basic things.

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The above capsule wardrobe is just an example. Tastes, shapes, colors, we all have different, so you will make a wardrobe individually for yourself, focusing on your preferences, But this example can be used as a template, as an inspiration or source of ideas for your ideal capsule wardrobe.