Best ways to style boyfriends jeans

Best ways to style boyfriends jeans.

Henceforth, the number one goal of each girl is to learn how to look as fashionable and feminine as possible in boyfriends, equally successfully combining these super-fashionable trousers with lovely hairpins, and with bulky pullovers. So let’s figure out what to wear jeans boyfriends the most correct.

Moreover, this model is universal in itself — it equally well goes both to high slim models, and to full girls. Even low ladies can win their growth by using these jeans. So let’s take a closer look at fresh ideas and photo-bows.

How to wear boyfriends jeans.

The general rules are very simple:

For business images, choose models of classic blue without scuffs and slits;
Wide gates visually shorten your legs — do not risk if your height is less than 160 cm, or at least wear shoes with heels;
So as not to look really «patsanka», dilute the image with a feminine top or sharp-nosed shoes, boats;
Choose a massive costume jewelry or large silver jewelry. Graceful gold is lost on the background of voluminous trousers;
Responsibly relate not only to the choice of shoes and top, but also accessories: a bag and glasses selected in style have never been superfluous;
Boyfriends look much more interesting with a belt — thin and bright can be beaten as an accent, and wide will only add an image of expressiveness.




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Best style boyfriends jeans


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We hope our review helped you to imagine with what things from the already existing wardrobe you will be able to wear your boyfriend’s jeans and which ones you need to buy in the near future. We tried to describe as much as possible what is possible, and what can not be combined with boyfriends — then rely on your own taste and sense of style. But this article still should be kept in the bookmarks, because constantly keep in mind a lot of ideas is quite problematic.