Berry marshmallow

Berry marshmallow

Berry marshmallow without unnecessary kaloriy

Itogo 100 grams — 46 kcal:  Belki- 5 Zhiry — 0 Uglevody — 6

Absolutely natural treat for all lovers of sweets!


• Frozen strawberry 200g
• 15 g Gelatin
• Lemon 0.5 pc.
• Stevia to taste


1. Defrost the strawberries. Juice store. Turn fruit into a homogeneous puree using a blender.
2. Add the gelatin, let it swell a few minutes (follow the instructions on the package), then add stevia and lemon juice, stir and heat over medium heat, stirring until completely dissolved gelatin. Do not boil!
3. Now let the mixture cool to room temperature and whip for 5-7 minutes with a mixer at high speed until the mixture does not increase significantly in volume, and brighten becomes thick.
4. The form to pour Put wax paper for baking, lay paper on strawberry weight and smooth. Leave in a cool place, uncovered, for a few hours of hardening.
5. When the mass hardens, turn the form and remove the paper.
6. Cut into cubes and serve.

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