banana SYRNIKI

banana SYRNIKI
At 100g, 68kkal

Very tasty, tender, baby like. You can pour any jam, syrup and served with sour cream.

Cottage cheese — 0.5 kg
Flour — 100 g
Egg — 1 pc.
Sugar — 100 g (little as possible)
Bananas — 3 pieces.
Baking powder — 1 tsp..
Vegetable oil, salt, flour for breading

1. grated cheese through a sieve to mix with the flour sifted with baking powder. Add egg, salt, sugar. Peeled bananas chop and add to cottage cheese dough. Mix well until homogeneous mass.
2. Generate cheese pancakes, roll them in flour, to shape cakes. Fry in hot vegetable oil for 4 — 5 minutes. on each side, until golden brown. Cover the pan with a lid and warm cheesecakes 3 more minutes ..

Bon Appetit!

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