Baked potatoes with cheese

Baked potatoes with cheese

Baked potatoes with cheese.

Normal potatoes can be cooked so that it will not give the best side dishes on the holiday table.

Potatoes — 2 pcs
Oil — 100 g
Parmesan cheese — 100 g
Vegetable oil
Cream (thick) — 60 ml
Hard cheese — 60 grams
Salt — to taste

1. Take 2 potatoes and wash them thoroughly.
2. Make an incision (not completely).


3. Slice the Parmesan cheese and butter in small pieces, and put in the potatoes alternating cheese and butter.
4. Return the potatoes in the oven preheated to 200 degrees and bake for 45 minutes. Then remove and pour cream.
5. After that, sprinkle with grated hard cheese and return to oven for another 15 minutes.
At the end of the potatoes can be decorated with greenery
Bon Appetit!

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