Baked in a rural

Baked in a rural

Baked in a rural.

This dinner will add comfort and warmth to your table. All home-made tasty and simple: young potatoes, chicken hearts, cheese and smetana- excellent and tasty combination. Help yourself!

You will need:

Chicken heart of 500.0 g
Potatoes 6.0 pc
1.0 Onion head
Mushrooms 6.0 pc
Mozzarella cheese 300.0 g
Dill 0.5 beam
Parsley 0.5 beam
Eggs 3.0 pc
Sour cream 2.0 tbsp
Butter 25.0 g
Olive oil 3.0 tbsp
1.0 tsp salt
Ground black pepper 1.0 tsp

How to cook:

Step 1.
Heart cover with cold water and leave to one side.

Step 2.
Onions cut into half rings or menshe.Prisolit, mash. Finely chopped dill and parsley, add to the onions. Pour 1 tablespoon olivk.masla, stir and leave to marinate, to infuse. In this recipe, I decided not to fry the onions at all, and that’s to use this fragrant 🙂


Step 3.
Potatoes thoroughly and cut my krugleshkami straight from the peel (I use potatoes, and my grandmother in the village will never peel is not removed … so poshkrebet-bit and ready, it is-and country-style) about the thickness of 4-5 mm. Fry 2 tbsp Olives. oil until browning on one side (if you are not worried about cholesterol, or you simply do not like olives. Take the oil-butter-potatoes so more fragrant and golden work). Do not salt it.

Step 4.
Meanwhile vremenem- Preheat oven to 200 gr.ts. Heart rinse, remove the trachea, dry and cut along. Potato fry on one side and lay it in a baking dish


Step 5.
In the same pan fry-pritushivaem heart, just prisolit, add mushrooms melkorezannye Ering and slightly sliv.masla (and hats can be left to decorate casseroles). Thus not prizharivaem 10 minutes more. What is «Ohringen» or «Eringi» — it is a fungus, which is also called Steppe boletus Royal mud oyster (of the family oyster) King oyster mushroom is very tasty and is very popular in cooking. Caps and stems are used in full and with prolonged cooking do not lose their flavor. Ering are prepared on the grill, you can simmer, add to soups and raw in salads. Soup of these exotic fungi obtained tasty, slightly flavored with walnut. Ering best used for frying, they are fleshy, have a pleasant taste, quickly prepared. Unlike many other fungi, mushrooms Ering easily digestible

Step 6.
Next, in the form of a potato in layers spread our pickled onions, mushrooms with hearts on top, then-grated cheese on a coarse grater. In the center I packed mushroom caps and a little greenery.

Step 7.
Prepare fill a little whisk the eggs, sour cream, salt and pepper. Pour this mixture casserole. On the mushrooms put the pieces sliv.masla. We send in the oven for 15 minutes. Casserole is ready! Very tasty, hearty, rich!

Bon Appetit!

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