4th of July nails

4th of July Nails – Best Red White and Blue Nails!

The term «American manicure   4th of July » has two meanings: it is the style of nail design and the image of the US flag.

4th of July Nails – Best Red White and Blue Nails

First we will analyze the first point. You can make such a manicure yourself or with a master. The technique is simple, little different from the classical. Nails filed, giving an oval shape, leaving a length of at least 1-2 cm (US residents like long nails).

After processing, proceed to staining. Use bright colors: red, blue, green, yellow. Choose a varnish, combined with the color of lipstick and shadows.

A modern version of American design appeared recently, called «Beverly Hills». Its feature is the combination of two techniques — French and American nail art. Use 2 colors, smoothly changing into each other. Design suitable for girls who lead an active lifestyle, loving clubs, parties and bright clothes.

Manicure American flag

The creation scheme can be repeated at home, following our instructions.

It will take the following: a base coat, 3 colored varnishes, a fixing coating.


Method one:

We cover the nails with the basic means.
We paint with a varnish of red color.
Draw the white stripes with a thin brush, 2-3 pieces is enough.
At the top, draw a blue rectangle.
We put white dots-stars on a blue varnish.
We paint the surface with a fixing varnish.
Before starting work, be sure to treat each finger, removing the cuticle and filing tips.

Method two:
We apply a base varnish.
All nails, except for the middle or nameless, we paint with red lacquer. The remaining ones are painted in blue.
We draw the asterisks with white lacquer on the blue.
On the red nails we depict white stripes.
We cover the drawings with clear varnish.

American manicure   4th of July Nails  : photo

4th of July Nails

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4th of July Nails – Best

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the options for performing a bright nail art. The pictures show works by masters, different patterns and arrangement of the flag on the nails.