35 Chic and Casual Work Outfits Ideas for Office Women

Chic and Casual Work Outfits Ideas for Office Women. Every woman wants to look amazing in every situation. Even if you are littered with papers in the office from morning to evening, this is not a reason to wear boring and gray clothes. Famous British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood said: “Your life becomes much better when you wear clothes that are admirable.” Every year, famous designers at fashion weeks held in New York, Milan, London and Paris present their collections, trends and accents in fashion for a year.








Actual this year will be: Multi-layered clothing. An example is when a vest is put on top of a shirt, and a pullover is put on a jacket or t-shirt on top. Color nude In addition to bright juicy colors that will be relevant in the spring-summer season, the creators of fashionen preferred color close to the skin color. Shades of cream, beige, gently pink — this is trendy.

Wide trousers and culottes. There are many advantages to this trend, because in summer these pants are not hot, and they allow you to adjust the shape. Size oversize in blouses, shirts and dresses. This does not mean that this garment does not have a size, it is just necessary to give preference to free things. Strip. Clothing in a cage and strip does not go out of fashion for several years. Properly selected strip can visually enlarge and reduce the silhouette.












Business traditional is one of the most common clothing codes, almost all large companies in the financial sector adhere to it. Its basis is made up of formal suits, sheath dresses, combinations of strict skirts, trousers and blouses. The length of the skirt is knee-deep or two fingers higher, the colors of the clothes and the length of the sleeves are adjusted according to the season. In the summer, beige shades are allowed; in winter and autumn, the color of the trousers and skirts is black, gray, dark blue. Shirts and blouses without decollete — white, blue or pastel shades. In shoes, a closed toe and strict colors are required. In this dress code is recorded and low-key manicure color, and the number of jewelry — no more than 7 (all accessories are considered — watches, glasses, cufflinks, bright buttons, brooches, rings and earrings).

















Business best is the strictest level of the dress code. It is followed at official meetings and negotiations by politicians and top managers. It looks like Business traditional, but high heels are forbidden here, V-neckline of blouses is forbidden, it is unacceptable to be without stockings, loose hair. Semi formal for office is not a strict, but a classic style of clothing. Clothing should be elegant and discreet. If your office does not have strictly prescribed rules of clothing, then a semi-formal office style is for you. Avoid mini and midi, screaming tones, jeans and deep cuts.

Business casual is a relaxed style for office work. It does not allow denim clothing, but makes it possible to combine different fabrics and textures. Skirts and dresses can be of any style, but not below the knee, tweed, corduroy jackets, cages and stripes, not too strict accessories are allowed. The color scheme should be predominantly restrained, but a combination of, for example, red trousers and a gray jacket is possible.