31 DIY Floral Arrangements for Adding Some Flower Power to Your Home

31 DIY Floral Arrangements for Adding Some Flower Power to Your Home

The presence of fresh or indoor flowers in the house — a positive sign. They delight the eye and at times improve mood. Gloomy weather or fatigue is not so bad if something blooms and smells in the room.

In addition to the usual options, there are plenty of ways to originally create a flower arrangement and place it in the house. Trying on the role of a florist, you can catch inspiration and dream.

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Remember — did it happen that you looked at floral arrangements from fresh flowers and immediately understood that they were created by an experienced arranger? You may have been amazed by the size or presence of exotic flowers in the arrangement. Perhaps you were attracted by the unusual form of plants or elegant packaging. However, in interesting compositions of flowers that cause instant admiration, there is something else — this is Harmony.

To achieve harmony is not necessary to buy some exotic plants. Beautiful flower arrangements for the interior can be created with the most ordinary violets, balsamines and other familiar «sill friends.» Before you make a flower arrangement — look around you are surrounded by a wide variety of objects that can become part of the floral arrangement.


Harmony is a design term used to describe an object in which individual parts merge to create an attractive whole. To achieve harmony, all or almost all the main features of a good design must be present — a variety of textures, proportionality of components, a sense of movement and the correct use of color. All these design requirements relate to the beauty of the arrangement of the composition of fresh flowers in a container. However, in our case we must also take into account the background, since one of the main goals of the arrangement is to improve the overall decor of the room, and not just decorate it. In this section you will find information about all these techniques of good flower design, learn how to make compositions from indoor plants, and also learn the rules for arranging plants.