25+ Wedding Makeup Ideas For Stylish Brides

Wedding Makeup Ideas For Stylish Brides 2019.

Makeup is one of the most important details of a wedding image. Much depends on how effective and professional it is — the quality of photos, videos and, of course, your appearance. Below you are waiting for 9 main rules for the selection of wedding makeup.
27 Ideas wedding makeup for brunettes romantic for 2019
We select the overall style
For a start, go for a consultation. On it you can learn more about the brand of cosmetics that the stylist uses, his professional achievements, the style of makeup he usually does. Then you can discuss the make-up that suits you.
Here are just a few tips on what makeup suits girls with different types of faces:
♥ The perfect oval face can be easily emphasized by inflicting blush from the cheekbones to the temples
♥ For an elongated face, stylists recommend choosing a make-up with a horizontal blush line and be sure to choose a good hairstyle.
♥ A round face can be improved not only with the help of blush, but also the color of the foundation
♥ Square face is improved precisely by selecting the right shades of makeup
Делаем We make the rectangular face less elongated due to the dark foundation on the chin and the rouge in the center of the cheeks
♥ Trapezoidal face is adjusted with the help of arrows on the eyes.
♥ Light base and bright lips — this is the way out for the owner of a triangular face
Специалист A specialist diamond face will adjust with simple shadows and a special arrow line.
Ideas For Wedding Makeup
Do not save
If the trial makeup for some reason did not suit you, then it is better to tell the stylist immediately. The price of a trial make-up always includes an experiment — the selection of colors, arrows, and tones. That is why you should not be shy, it is better to immediately announce some shortcomings.If the master as a whole has not approached you, feel free to remove your reservation from the wedding date and start looking for another! Hair and makeup — one of the main components of your appearance. And in order not to be disappointed, you should not save on rehearsals.
Color spectrum
The color scheme of your make-up will be prompted by a specialist, but there are a few basic rules that you should keep in mind when choosing an image. Do not make your wedding makeup too dark and evening — this is inappropriate in harmony with the gentle and exciting way of the bride. Extravagant makeup is suitable only for an extravagant image, certainly not for a classic dress. If you dream of bright rich lips, then your eyes should be made slightly soft and muffled.Try to avoid frankly blue, purple and green shadows — high-quality feathering and harmonious combination of several shades will help to visually lengthen the eye, make it slant, round, etc.