20+ Creative Leaf Animal Art

20+ Creative Leaf Animal Art


Collecting beautiful leaves on a fine autumn day is an exciting experience. And when I return home, I want to somehow preserve this splendor or use it to create something beautiful — the material itself is asking for it! The most interesting thing is to make various compositions and applications from the multicolored autumn leaves. This kind of creativity develops the imagination and imagination of the baby. In it, images can be created from ready-made forms, just overlaying them on each other, rather than cutting them out of paper. And the leaf fall color palette will shut up with the belt any largest set of colored paper!
Colorful autumn leaves
Multi-colored cardboard or velvet paper
PVA glue (glue from starch or rubber glue can be used)



Applications can be made from freshly harvested or dried leaves. If you want to save the leaves, we can recommend two ways of drying.

The first, well-known, method is to insert leaves between the pages of an old, unnecessary book. It is better to lay each leaf on both sides with a paper napkin.

The second method is the express-drying of the leaves with an iron. Just remember that the leaves are not sterile, so it’s best to iron them on the surface, which you don’t mind throwing, for example, on large sheets of paper. On top of the sheet before ironing also need to put a sheet of newsprint or paper napkin.










In conclusion — a small selection of pictures collected from different parts of the Internet — for the awakening of the first associations between you and your baby. One has only to show the child how this is done, and his imagination will allow to create more and more new pictures from this amazingly beautiful natural material — autumn leaves!